Saline vs. silicone? Under the muscle vs. over the muscle? Incision around the nipple vs. in the armpit or below the breast? Aren't there a lot of decisions? Not really. I will explain my approach to Breast Augmentation.

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All breasts that are large enough to require reduction, also require a "lift." On the other hand, there are many patients who desire a breast lift (known as a mastopexy) without a reduction. Finally, there are patients who desire a lift plus enlargement of the breasts (a so-called augmentation/mastopexy).

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Liposuction is technically the simplest procedure in Plastic Surgery.

The idea is that areas of excess fat are removed using a stainless steel cannula (a little bigger than a pencil) attached to suction.

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A tummy tuck can be a great operation.

As many people discover, all the exercise in the world cannot eliminate excess skin from the lower abdomen. After pregnancy or weight loss, the abdominal skin frequently does not contract back to its original contour, leaving excess skin with stretch marks. Exercise will strengthen the abdominal muscles and is good for your back and your psyche, but it will never make the extra skin go away. In those cases we recommend a tummy tuck.

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Facelift Chapters

Grabb Smith's Plastic Surgery 7th Edition


Dr. Thorne is the Editor-in-Chief and the author of several chapters in Grabb and Smith's PLASTIC SURGERY, 7th Edition.

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