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Plastic Surgery New York City, Author and plastic surgeon based in Manhattan (NYC)




Welcome to my website (www.charlesthornemd.com). I am Charles Thorne, MD, a Plastic Surgeon in New York. We hope you find this website informative and I hope I can help you.

I have been practicing plastic surgery in Manhattan for 20 years and have been lucky to be listed in the Castle and Connolly and New York Magazine "Best Doctor" publications many times. Although I enjoy the leadership positions that I have in plastic surgical societies, my editorial position with the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and position on the American Board of Plastic Surgery, my real interest and expertise is performing surgery and taking care of patients. Making people happy never gets old.

As is typical for a cosmetic plastic surgeon here in New York City, or any major metropolitan area, my practice becomes more specialized as each year passes. The practice now consists of cosmetic plastic surgery and a few highly specialized areas of reconstructive plastic surgery. This website focuses on the cosmetic surgery portion of the practice. You will find links to sites that focus on the reconstructive areas such as ear reconstruction, complex facial bone injuries, and pediatric plastic surgery.

As patients, you want to know what procedures I specialize in. You know that no one can be the world's expert at every operation. The areas where I consider myself an authority, as good as anyone in the world, are FACES, NOSES AND EARS. I will attempt in this website to expose you to my philosophy, my personality, my biases, my techniques and my results. Please see the link to my credentials.

We all have physical features that we don't like and, in some cases, would like to change. I would like to help you. I invite you to explore this site and those linked to it and to contact us. I cannot guarantee perfect results in every patient, every time (be careful if anyone does!) I do guarantee that my staff and I offer a degree of professionalism, concern, honesty, competence and individualization that equals or surpasses any surgical experience in the world.

Charles H. Thorne MD is a Manhattan | New York Plastic Surgeon and Author performing excellent cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery including facial surgery,
otoplasty, rhinoplasty, and body contouring, serving satisfied patients for over 20 years.
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